Saturday, 17 January 2015

Raspberry Blancmange, Banana and Coconut Puds

My Mum used to treat us every now and then to a blancmange for pudding. This used to be made by mixing jelly with evaporated milk and mixing with a hand whisk. Turning the handle and sneakily trying to make it flick everywhere is a happy childhood memory.

It has been years since I have even thought about making blancmange. Having children of your own gives you the perfect excuse to recreate some fun childhood memories. But where do you start with blancmange when you are dairy free and lactose free?

Actually it was really easy! After purchasing a normal raspberry jelly block, and boiling the kettle, I melted the jelly with half the amount of liquid required as boiled water. I checked the jelly was melted before adding a little cold water. The mixture was about 3/4 water as a usual jelly would be. I then poured this mixture into ramekins to about 2/3 full. The remaining space was topped up with good quality tinned coconut milk.

The cloudy mixture was clearly trying to separate. I pondered whether to keep mixing to create an entire blancmange but instead opted for the snow topped effect and left it to set. If you wanted an entire blancmange you would have to whisk the coconut in thoroughly before placing in ramekins.

Once set, only a matter of 1 hr as the ramekins were small, the jelly formed a layer on the bottom with the blancmange a layer on top. I then thinly sliced banana laid it on top and sprinkled with desiccated coconut.

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