Monday, 9 February 2015

Inspiral Raw Hazelnut Tart

I have long since been an avid follower of Inspiral products. To me they are at the cutting edge of innovative, trendy and forward thinking food. Their raw artisan chocolates were a popular choice in my online shop in previous years and I was particularly partial to their raspberry and rose Valentines specials.

While visiting London for the Free From Food Awards I had the pleasure of popping into Whole Foods Market Kensington. There you can find so many delights I will have to write another blog post! A long awaited purchase of mine is one of the Inspiral raw desserts. There are 6 flavours to choose from, carrot cake, blackout tart, passion fruit tart, tiramisu, vanilla berry tart and my choice hazelnut tart. It is a difficult decision when you are trying to decide which one to choose. Next time I will splash out and buy one of every flavour!

The unassuming glass jar and tasteful cardboard sleeve are sleek and straightforward. Turn to the back of the label and you are met with a plethora of clean ingredients and reassurances as to the origin and artisan nature of this dessert. Using vegan, gluten free, soya free, paleo and organic ingredients and being made in a factory which uses 100% renewable energy there is no guilt in this pleasurable pud.

On opening the lid an enticing aroma of raw cocoa greets you. The pretty layers can be clearly seen through the glass jar and it is easy to scoop a spoonful of each. The top layer is a rich ganache with hints of crunchy cocoa nibs. The middle layer is velvety smooth interspersed with nutty pieces. At the base you will find a super chunky, grainy, biscuit like texture with a sprinkling of Himalayan crystal salt.

In my opinion this raw hazelnut tart is a beautifully unrefined, primal and earthy dessert with a wonderful balance of texture and flavour. It is decadent and wholesome in one remarkably substantial pot. My only tiny criticism would be that I would like more of the top layer as it is so yummy. Is that a criticism at all?

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