Thursday, 10 November 2016

Mulu Raw Chocolate

It has been a while since I have found the time to blog. It is fitting that the reason I sit back behind the keys is due to sensational chocolate from one of my favourite brands.

Mulu has long been a favourite of mine. Their raw chocolate is full of flavour with no hidden nasty ingredients. It is a satisfying and soulful experience and a treat I enjoy as often as I can. So when I learned that Mulu were expanding their range I was keen to check it out. In addition to the original silk, dark and dark with cocoa nibs bars the following new flavours and truffles have been delighting me.

Mulu Dark Ecuadorian Truffles
A box of 6 generously sized, beautifully presented truffles.
The tantalising ingredients are clean and wonderfully beneficial to your health. There is no guilt required in enjoying these treats. Raw cacao, coconut oil, Madagascan vanilla and agave nectar are skillfully combined to produce soft, rich truffles which give a delightful succession of flavours and textures.  The outside shell of the truffles are dusted with cacao powder and the inside is soft and deep in flavour. There is no bitterness and you can taste the quality of the cacao.
These truffles are sumptuous and a must as a gift or a treat for yourself.

This sweet smelling, mild and nutty flavour is easy going and tasty. There are small delicious pieces of hazelnut found throughout the smooth and silky chocolate bar.

An unusual and subtle taste at first gives way to a true and authentic banana flavour. None of the sickly fakeness of other banana flavoured products as this chocolate bar has a lovely balance between creamy chocolate and grown up fruity flavour.

The fragrance of this bar is unmistakably chai. The cinnamon tones mix well with Mulu chocolate producing a full flavoured hit. If you aren't a lover of chai then this may not be for you, however, it is a very tasty and accomplished bar.

Coconut Milk
A soft, creamy, smooth and sweet chocolate experience. A great bar for introducing the uninitiated to raw chocolate or for enjoying the sweeter side of raw chocolate.

As anticipated this bar gives a slight snap denoting the harder texture. There is a stronger kick to the flavour and the lovely distinctive Mulu raw chocolate aroma. The bar does give you a slight bitterness but there is much to love about its strength and characterful flavour.

Mulu chocolates contain no gluten, dairy, egg or soya. All ingredients are certified organic and vegan. Mulu has a nut free factory. You can find out more about their allergy policy, their ethos and buy Mulu on their website: 

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