Monday, 14 August 2017

Norahs Brownies

Online competitions are an excellent way to create interest in a new or emerging brand. I was lucky enough to win a supply of Norahs Brownies after entering an Instagram competition where I was tagged by my long term online friends Nicola (baking and sharing freefrom eats) and Sugarpuffish (natural and organic beauty, eczema and allergy blog).

The photos of Norahs Brownies are mouth watering. The product itself does not disappoint. Don't be deterred by the deluge of glutenfree brownies on the market. These homemade delicacies are rich, gooey, pretty and made with love and care. These qualities set them part from the rest of the bunch. They are the qualities that differentiate a product you can have from a product that you can have and really enjoy.

Thank you Norahs Brownies x

Freefrom dairy, gluten and refined sugar. Vegan options also available.

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